punctum remotum
book-installation / 2011

For this installation, I authored and constructed a book entitled Punctum Proximum. The novel recounts the narrator's investigations into the largest database in the world. After using the book’s title as a keyword in Google, he will follow one link after another and will describe each finding (predominantly YouTube videos) in order to build a narrative.

The installation provides an atmosphere (a combination of tables, chairs, lamps, tea and petit fours: a private library), which invites a viewer to read one of the editions placed on a table. A monitor broadcasts a video showing the handmade fabrication of the book and a discrete sound system plays music. Some of the tracks are quoted in the text.

5 copies of the book "Punctum Proximum", 35 pages, edited by the author, and Living-Room. Lamps, tables, chairs, video, music.

Punctum Remotum
Living-Room, Montpellier, France

Exuvies (Group exhibition)
French Institute of Prague, Czech Republic

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