video / 2011

Drammatical is a video featuring approximately twenty characters who appear to be holding a discussion around a table. The artificial atmosphere of the scene, due to selective chiaroscuro lighting and automatic editing, underlines the absurdity of exchanges between each character. Their dialogues are taken from comments posted by visitors on the website of the daily newspaper, USA Today, in response to an article reporting on a criminal case. Each character represents one commentator, and his presence in front of the camera is strictly confined to the length of his statement left in the comment section.

The installation first exhibits a computer connected to the Internet on which the viewer can read the article online with its comments, and then a screening of the video itself. A definition of Godwin's Law regarding online discussions is also displayed in the space.

C'est mieux si on reste amis (Group Exhibition)
Galerie Saint-Ravy, Montpellier, France

Exuvies (Group Exhibition)
French Institute of Prague, Czech Republic

ETC Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Global locals (Group Exhibition)
NTK Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

HD, PAL, Color, 13'36