Sex, Sermons & Politics
documentary / 2016 | 71 min

Babel Doc - Canal Brasil

Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor

Brazil aims to build and sell an image of its society where sexuality is liberated and sexual orientation is highlighted and even respected. But it is also the most religious country in the world, and this same Brazil reveals itself as a very conservative country, resistant to dealing with sexuality issues. Every day a woman dies as a result of the prohibition on abortion and more than half of the murders of homosexuals and transsexuals in the world occurs in Brazil.

Following the trail of Jandira, a young woman who lost her life after undergoing an illegal abortion, from the place of her disappearance to the political sphere, this film provides a critical look into the paradox of Brazilian sexuality and the rise of conservatism and religion, such as radical evangelism, which penetrates the government itself and bodes a dark future for women's and LGBT rights in the country.

Aude Chevalier-Beaumel & Michael Gimenez

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Teaser | Portuguese with English Subtitles