La Niña Blanca
TV documentary / 2012 | 15 min

Canal Futura


Between remnants of the past and today's urbanism, Mexico City is a mix of ancestral and contemporary cultures that fully live in the underground. In the old times, Aztecs worshiped Mictlantecuhtli the goddess of death in subterranean temples; today, at the bottom of the social pyramid, many Mexicans worship a similar deity called the Santa Muerte (the Holly Death).
The Santa Muerte is also known as the Niña Blanca (the White Lady) because of her exhibited skeleton. She is the patron-saint of the prisoners and the underclass, and is the object of fervent critiques in the Mexican society.

Aude Chevalier-Beaumel

Broadcast on Canal Futura
within the program Sala de Noticias

Full Film | Portuguese with English Subtitles